Frequently Asked Questions
So how much does a move cost?
It depends on where and when. I charge per day of work, plus travelling costs. I work 21 lockmiles per day on average.
Currently, my per diem is £90.00 and my standard travel costs are £60.00. You can work out how much a move is likely to cost with this handy web-app, but when you contact me we can talk through all the options for itineraries and costs.

Where are you based?
I live in London, but I'm happy to move boats anywhere on the UK's inland waterways.

What if I'm moving only a short way?
For moves that take less than a day, within the Greater London area, I charge £20 for the first hour and £15 for each hour after that. As I live here, I don't charge for travel in London.
Find out more.

How long does a move take?
Most boats move at around 3 lockmiles* per hour. My working day is around 7 hours long (including mandatory breaks), so I work on moving 21 lockmiles* per day. This is the basis for the estimated number of days for a move given here.
*A lockmile is a mile of canal or a lock. So a 3 mile stretch of canal with 2 locks, is 5 lockmiles.

Are you qualified and insured?
Yes. In addition to my considerable experience, I have been certified as an Inland Waterways Helm by the RYA and have passed through the Canal & River Trust's volunteer skipper training, I also hold the CEVNI and ICC international qualifications. You can look over some of my various qualifications here.
As a business skipper, I hold public liability insurance to the value of two million pounds against any unforeseen accidents.

Will you fix my boat?
No. I will maintain your boat according to your instructions during its move, but I will not attempt any engine or other repairs.
If I think your boat is not fit to move, I cannot move it.

Can you tow my boat?
No. I don't use my own boat for towing, nor can I use someone elses unless the boat is specifically insured for towing.

Are there boats you will not move?
Yes. If the journey is any longer than one day, I will not move a boat powered by a petrol, outboard motor. Petrol is not an easy fuel to find canalside and I'm not prepared to carry cans of petrol to and from your boat.
And again, if I think your boat is not fit to move, I cannot move it.

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