When I’m busy…

I’m a one person operation, which means I’m frequently busy, or occupied, even with things unrelated to boat moving. But I’m not the only person out there moving boats, so I offer these folk as alternatives.

Boats on a tranquil canal waiting to be moved.

Other Boat Movers:

Please note, I do not recommend or endorse these services – your decisions should be based on your own impressions and research.

Lindsey Hood, 07943-366635, lindseyboattraining@outlook.com, https://facebook.com/LindseyBoatTraining

C.W Boatmover, 07942-642548 https://www.facebook.com/cwboatmover/

Navigation Boat Movers, 07776-237423, david@navigationboatmovers.com,

S.O.S. Boat Movers, Sven Osbourne, 07504-974889, https://www.facebook.com/SOS-Boat-Movers-106532498361197

The Boat Movers, 07751-544787, https://theboatmovers.co.uk/

Thames Salvage, 07716-963718, https://www.facebook.com/ThamesSalvageLtd

Paul Johnson, 07973-293188, http://narrowboatmover.co.uk/

Coastal / Marine Moves:

Hügel Marine Services, 07971-566181

For Bristol to Sharpness or Sharpness to Bristol:

Gloucester Pilots Partnership, 07774-226143, https://www.gloucesterpilots.co.uk/services/leisure/

Road Haulage:

Ray Bowern 07860-729522 https://bargemovers.com/

MJT Crane Hire 07970-986497 or 01926-812134 http://www.mjtcranes.co.uk/