Short moves.
Map of London

If you’re not far from me in London (I live in East London) then I’m very willing to help you move your boat for shorter trips, for example to fulfil your boat’s license conditions. For moves within the Greater London area that take less than a day I charge the following:

£20 for the first hour, after I arrive at your boat.

I do not charge for travelling to you. Often, I will cycle, or use public transport at my own cost.

£15 for each hour after that.

I allow up to ten minutes wiggle time . So, if your move takes one hour and eleven minutes I’ll still expect £35, but you can expect to have the use of my expertise and advice for a further fifty nine minutes, should you want.

Your boat should be ready to move when I arrive.

Please read through my boat move checklist (you can ignore the Domestic arrangements section for a one-day move.)

In London a boat can not travel as far in one hour as a boat on most other waterways, because of the large numbers of other boats around. Typically, speed is restricted to about two lock-miles per hour (two locks, or two miles, or one mile and one lock.) However, an hour’s cruising is usually enough to satisfy the Canal & River Trust’s requirement for a boat to be in ‘another place’.

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