Giles, Your Helmsman.

Picture of Giles Williams
I’m here to help you move your boat
from one part of the waterway network to another,
when you can’t do it for yourself.

As a helm, I’ve steered boats in many parts of the country over the past twenty five years, for myself, as a professional skipper and also as a volunteer for the Canal & River Trust.
I’m delighted to be able to offer you my skills and time when you need an effective and affordable way to get your boat from A to B.

So how much does it cost?
It depends on where and when. I charge per day of work, plus travelling costs.
Currently, my per diem is £80.00 and my standard travel costs are £50.00. You can work out how much a move is likely to cost with this handy web-app , but when you contact me we can talk through all the options for itineraries and costs.

How long does a move take?
Most boats move at around 3 lockmiles* per hour. My working day is around 7 hours long (including mandatory breaks), so I work on moving 20 lockmiles* per day. This is the basis for the estimated number of days for a move given by this web-app .
*A lockmile is a mile of canal or a lock. So a 3 mile stretch of canal with 2 locks, is 5 lockmiles.

Are you qualified and insured?
Yes. In addition to my considerable experience, I have been certified as an Inland Waterways Helmsman by the RYA and have passed through the Canal & River Trust's volunteer skipper training, I also hold the CEVNI and ICC international qualifications. You can look over some of my various qualifications here.
As a business skipper, I hold public liability insurance to the value of two million pounds against any unforeseen accidents.

Will you fix my boat?
No. I will maintain your boat according to your instructions during its move, but I will not attempt any engine or other repairs.
If I think your boat is not fit to move, I will not move it.

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